Dhawan Hospital is driven by the philosophy –  that is, ‘We serve Better’. Our driving goal, since inception, has been to evolve into a Centre of Excellence that’s driven by life-giving innovations, testified by the finest quality benchmarks in the land, and fueled by the passion for representing the ‘Care’ in ‘Healthcare’.

All great journeys happen for a reason. The Dhawan’s journey began with a simple, yet powerful, conviction : Everyone – no matter what the means or background – has a right to quality healthcare. Over time, our relentless evolution has been the outcome of our desire to see people get back on their feet, fast. And, in the process, see Dhawan Hospital scale the next level of excellence.

Here’s what have we achieved so far :

  • Thousands of lives saved
  • Countless smiles delivered on the faces of our patients and their families
  • Blending experience, technology and innovation deliver medical excellence
  • Integration of super specialty healthcare services
  • Bringing affordable medical services to the people

Dhawan Hospital, over the years, has grown into a ‘centre of excellence’, commanding the respect of its peers, the trust of its patients and complete commitment of its team. Today – with a capacity of over 100 beds, a fully operational super-specialty wing, a gamut of world class services and facilities, proactive stress of cutting-edge R&D and continuous learning, and a professional team focussed on delivering exceptional care with a personal touch – we are amongst the finest health care destinations in Delhi NCR, and certainly the most preferred in Faridabad.

We at Dhawan Hospital,  have been updating ourselves with the latest advancements in the healthcare sector and for the same we have been continuously upgrading our technology to provide better medical services to our patients and further improve the experience during their stay at our hospital.